Our Team


Recognizing that People of Color and Whites each have anti-racism work to do separately and together, we purposefully and strategically confront the internalized and institutionalized power of race and racism from a cross-racial lens. We understand that internalized racial superiority is mirrored in the intertwining dynamic of internalized racial inferiority.


Marlon Brown

Partner / Consultant

Marlon Brown is a black man with over 10 years of professional experience working in Equity and Social Justice.  As a certified Equity and Social Justice practitioner, Marlon specializes in leadership coaching, facilitation/training and organizational development with an emphasis on equity and customer service.  Marlon is also very skilled and experienced in “change agent” mentoring, racial caucusing and policy development/implementation, as well as creating and advising equity committees/teams and anti-racist curriculum development.   

Marlon supports the development of lasting relationships with staff and leadership, unionized and at-will workforces. Relationships are vital to change work in any capacity. Marlon’s ability to coach clients through developing better relationships with their coworkers and team mates allows for a greater impact.

Marlon wears many hats – spouse, business owner, activist, singer, radio show host, strategist, board member and 20-year career in IT to name a few.  Marlon has a wealth of knowledge and life experience that informs his practice.

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Fran Partridge

partner / Consultant

Fran Partridge is a white woman with 20 years of racial equity experience, specifically in instructional leadership, educational practices and educational policy change.  Most of Fran’s work has been within the educational system, as a teacher, instructional coach and mentor, as well as, most recently, an equity and race relations specialist. She has facilitated over 150 professional development sessions focused on implicit bias, racial identity, micro-aggressions and culturally responsive instruction. Fran also has experience co-developing strategic planning for racial equity work; analyzing data, developing assessment tools, providing guidance, and designing and facilitating high quality culturally responsive professional development based on adult learning principles.  She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Policy and Administration (M.Ed).