Our Clients

Our clients come from across the spectrum of private corporations, public institutions, and non-profit organizations. In the past we have work with educational institutions, human services agencies, and private corporations that are ready to identify and create pathways to equitable work environments for their teams, implement racial equity lens to their hiring practices, and deliver racial equity driven results through their services and scope of work.


Some of our previous and current clients include: 


Here is what they are saying about us:

  • “Thank you for such a powerful and informative training last weekend. It was highly beneficial and I have heard from numerous participants about how they felt it positively impacted them and was a great learning environment. Additionally, I've also heard from many people who felt that both of you navigated the challenging comments and dialogue from the (disruptive) participant exceedingly well. Thank you for so collectively and honestly addressing those conversations when they arose. I feel that your workshops have provided me with a baseline of understanding for some of these issues and have created a deep desire to learn more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and personal stories.” — BLaST University of Alaska at Fairbanks

  • "I was struck and moved by the awareness that not having people of color in my life was never communicated to me as a loss by parents, teachers, or others." — Transylvania University Professor, Lexington Kentucky

  • "My biggest takeaway is the ubiquity of race and the need for systemic solutions." — Legal Foundation of Washington, Seattle Washington

  • "The best part of today was learning to own your impact without defending your intentions." — ACLU of Washington, Seattle, Washington

  • "My biggest takeaway was learning about whiteness and how it came to be." — Seattle Children’s Theater, Seattle, Washington

  • "It was really important to have this conversation in a 'safe place'. Thank you!" — City of Shoreline, Shoreline, Washington

  • "I now have the confidence to engage in this topic!" — Columbia Legal Services, Seattle Washington

  • "You have no idea how much our small workshop has impacted our community. I wish you could (see)... how empowered we've become in standing up for things, and being braver in the classroom." — Professor - Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky