Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Research and experience shows that the critical focus of racial equity work must be in supporting the development of strong leaders and advocates from within an organization. REC will train and support strong leadership who, given authority and backed by an executive body, will keep the spotlight on racial equity.


Racial Equity as a practice for leaders can be challenging.  We provide leadership coaching to:

  • Engage in professional development and capacity building for racial equity

  • Understand, prioritize and value racial equity

  • Develop agreements with members defining the scope of work  

  • Set a culture of valuing and prioritizing a Race and Equity Team

  • Provide plenty of opportunities and space for facilitated anti-racist conversations

  • Schedule time to collaboratively build strategies, tools and processes with R&E Committee members to incorporate racial equity into decision making

  • Reflect on racial equity in policies and procedures

  • Intentionally elevate the leadership of people of color

  • Reinforce prior training and implementation of development programs and policies by encouraging and advising leaders to operationalize the knowledge and skills gained

  • Facilitate one-to-one and small group discussions focusing on how to apply new thought for leaders individually, as groups and within the organization

Goals of Coaching/Capacity Building:

  • Building Awareness, Knowledge, Skills and Advocacy.

    • Awareness – expanding an understanding of our own biases, assumptions and racialized behaviors.

    • Knowledge – Developing knowledge of institutional racism, historical oppression and the experiences of marginalized groups.

    • Skills – building capacity to engage in cross-cultural communication and the ability to interrupt white supremacy.

    • Advocacy – elevating the voices and concerns of traditionally marginalized communities.