About Us

Our Vision

Racial Equity Consultants LLC (REC) aspires to create a world in which each and every human being is seen and valued for who they are and the talents, brilliance and beauty they contribute to the healing of our communities. 

Our Mission

REC recognizes that sustainable equity requires building an organization's internal capacity first before developing an action plan for creating equity with clients and community. Building capacity involves widespread training, developing leaders and creating a supportive infrastructure.

Our Strategy

Racial Equity Consultants offers coaching, mentoring, and consulting in community with organizations, companies, government agencies, and social justice leaders to transform beliefs and assumptions, behaviors, strategies, and organizational structures.  Through tailored presentations, we provide pathways that will shift internal culture and impact external relationships.

Our Approach

We are a cross-racial team that operates from a lens of racial justice to support individuals, community and organizations in building their capacity to challenge internal and external systems of oppression in order to create transformational, systemic and sustainable change. We focus on anti-oppression, equity models rather than diversity approaches, understanding that power and privilege mirror the intertwining dynamics of racism and oppression. We are experienced in curriculum design, training, facilitating conversations, developing racial equity leaders, and steering organizations toward becoming racially just.

We begin with an anti-oppression framework vital to developing an in-depth analysis of how racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia became institutionalized and imbedded in dominant culture. This framework helps to highlight the institutional privileges and systemic inequities imbedded in the current socio-political conditions that influence and affect our institutions. Through our cross-racial lens, we purposefully and strategically confront the internalized and institutionalized power of race and racism.

REC understands and teaches that while we are not to blame for the current inequities that people of color face, we are responsible for changing the disproportionate social and institutional outcomes of the world in which we live. If we interrogate and transform the institutional policies and practices that continue to exclude and impact people of color and we vigilantly unpack and dismantle the system of racism, we will create an institutional culture in which every community member thrives.